Adventures with Postpartum Depression


There I was, merrily filtering and hash-tagging the shizzle out of more gorgeous photos of Mabel to clog up everyone’s Instagram feeds when I receive an inbox message from one lovely lady in Pasadena, California. Would I like to be part of her series of podcasts all about postpartum depression she asks me.

‘Adventures with Postpartum Depression’ is a brilliant series by Courtney Novak, a mother of two who first suffered from maternal mental illness in 2013 when her daughter was born. She runs a PND support group in Pasadena, is writing a book about her experiences and is creating this podcast to help other new mums (moms) who are going through the same thing. So I jumped at the chance to take part in her project. We had a Skype interview and Courtney was so easy to talk to that I rambled on comfortably about the ups and downs of the last 6 months. Today she has just released my episode to the world! My interview is episode 10 but I would really recommend listening to the previous episodes too.

Courtney’s website is brilliant and can be found at  You can listen to the podcast ‘Adventures with Postpartum Depression’ here on iTunes or here on podomatic now!

That’s all for now folks xxx


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