First blog post


My first post! What to say…well, welcome to Baby Maby Mama: Me writing/talking about being a mum to beautiful Mabel (Baby Maby) and all the ups and downs of becoming a new parent. I’m 31, live in Brighton with Mabel’s dad and love my new bezzie. Mabel is almost 6 months old and I’m finally finding my feet a bit. Well I can see my feet now at least so I’d say that’s a start. And did I mention I’ve had postnatal depression for the past 4 months? Hmm, well now we get to the truth of why I’m starting this blog; to share my experiences in the hope it might help someone else who feels like they’ve woken up in a parallel universe, where the world kind of looks the same but you feel…well, a bit mad. 😬


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